Angelicum Home Health, Inc.

9434 Chesapeake Drive Suite 1203
San Diego, CA 92123

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Entrust your loved one's care to us

Office: 858/495-0400
Fax: 858/496-9200

Angelicum Home Health, Inc. offers skilled nursing services.  Our nurses combine the science of nursing with the art or caring and teaching.  Nurses are certified and licensed to provide the following services:

- Wound Care with Wound Vac

- Medication Teaching and Management

- Foley Catheter Care, Teaching and Management

- Blood Glucose Monitoring, Diabetic Care, Teaching & Management

- Post-Surgical, Cardiac and Othopedic Care

- Liver & Kidney Transplant Care

- Home IV Infusion

- Enteral Feeding

- Care for Chronic Medical Conditions: COPD, Pain, ESRD and other chronic conditions